Seems like he doesn't have any interest in me anymore, should I just give up?

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  • Maybe you are not showing any about him. It's a two way street. Don't be so selfish.

    • I understand but it takes 2 to make things work.

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    • ah, so you have lots of downtime.

      finding a new hobby to impress him with that you love or figuring out what you want to do with your precious time in this form would be key for an idle mind.

      It honestly surprises me that there was no sexuality in the relationship.

      From everything I have seen kids younger and younger are becoming terribly devious.

      when you were a little kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

    • His main interest is football. we met at street races ( we both still go every weekend so that's how we see eachother.) when we lived together we didn't have any privacy or a room we both slept on a couch ( as you can tell we needed time to get our lives together.) I never really had a career in mind , never planned on living this far, although I'm still young.

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  • Talk to him about how you feel if he doesn't care then move on

    • I've talked to him vaguely how I feel & he's mentioned he still cares about me & doesn't see himself moving on. ( were exs I broke up with him because we were drifting apart and I regret not trying to make things work.) when we last talked he said he's working on himself and wants to be single & I have to respect that as well. I see him every week and it just feels like I don't even exist.

    • I would move on. My ex did the same thing and I tried so hard to not let him go but he left either way. The truth is that you don't need to prove to him that you are worth it. If he wants to work on himself let him. You do you.

    • I figured I just need to give him his time and not try to rush back into it. I mean we still text and hang out. And he's not the type of guy to lead me on or tell me what I want hear.

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  • Your messaging feature doesn't work. What's up?

  • Giving up is always an option

    • It's an option, but why should I?

    • If the guy seems to have no interest, why to keep up?, or if you really want to be sure he doesn't want to have somethinf with you, just ask him, if no reply, yes, you can give up

  • Things n people change


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