Girl I love might not feel the same?

This girl I love shows signs that she might like me but she says she only wants to be friends because she thinks that if we dated she would drive me away. I don't think she would drive me away but is she just saying this to not have to tell me she isn't interested in me or does she actually think I would leave her because she tjinks she'll be to much for me to deal with.


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  • She's pre warning you she's a lot. If you do love her you need to let her know that you won't allow her to drove herself away and you'll keep trying to help her and she's worth it etc


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  • Ask her to give it a chance if she refuses take it as a no and move on. Life is to short to look for a way through a dead end


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  • She is being real, she needs to see for her self that your love is real, not run away when the going gets tough.


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