What is a guys intentions after calling it off (dating) with woman, but then contacts 4 months later suggests?

Long story short, back in July 2017 I was talking to a guy from Baltimore and we really hit it off. He even in the moment bought a plane ticket to be with me for the weekend. Everything was great. Wasn't until August after I had bought a plane ticket to see him, we argued for the first time and after something so stupid. That same night he decided it was over. He was nice enough to pay me the money for my flight. He deleted IG and clearly ignored my message two days after the fight.

I have been down for months, but after four months since the incident, just this weekend, he added me on IG when he opened his account, finally read my message, and then 20 mins later sent me a message. So far we just text but not right away to one another. He has made remarks for us to go on a trip and how he thought about me from time to time. He messages me like how we use and even used a meme.

But to honest, I do not know what all this means. What is his reasoning for contacting me all of a sudden? Is he just contacting to stay friends for good or is he hinting that he wants a possible relationship, but not right away?


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  • You know, I'd be wary of a guy like this. I would tend to think that he's just looking to keep you as an option as he spent the past few months trying out other women. I mean, it's possible that he wants to try things out again and sometimes these things really do work out, but I just don't trust him at this point. I think you should do what feels right and go have fun, but just be a little cautious.


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