Why does she call me this, even if its just playfully?

this girl I've been kinda dating for a couple months, when I asked her if she wanted to maybe start a relationship,/be my girlfriend, she said she doesn't know if she wants to be in a relationship right now because her life is too crazy with a lot of family and important issues. I know what these problems are so Its a plausible reason why she doesn't think she has time right now, and she did tell me right before I brought it up that she likes me, she already knows I like her.

Anyways, I've always been the one to initiate texting with her, like 95% of the time. After she told me this I kinda stopped texting her just because I wanted some space to think. now she started to initiate the texts because we'd go days without talking at all, and whenever she does, it starts with something like, "hey my love, did you forget about me?" or "hi my love, etc etc" basically just calling me her love before saying what she needs to say. does it mean anything, some people might say she told me she's not ready for a relationship as an easy way to let me down, I don't know, does her calling me this mean she was sincere and just needs more time? and if she needs more time cause her life is so hectic, how will we ever have a relationship until that problem she has is solved?


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  • I think she may need some more time. She may be letting you down easy, but if she is starting to initiate convo with you, that means she is interested in you. It's on you to determine if she is interested in you as a friend or as a lover.

    Don't ask her if ''she wanted to maybe start a relationship". You don't sound secure in yourself and she probably sensed this insecurity in you and that is why she said she doesn't know if she is ready. It's better not to say these types of things and just act like you already are in a relationship.

    Pick a day and make it all about her. Take her somewhere and really wow her and at some point go for the kiss. If it's awkward than you probably are a friend in her eyes and it's best not to take it any further romantically. If she goes with it, then you have your answer.

    Everybody's life is hectic these days. Relationships are about working through things together and two people becoming one entity. Good luck!