Why would a guy act like this then dump me (Help)?

Kiss me and pull my lip.

Hold and reach for my hand Repeatedly while walking.

Let me rest my head on his chest with his arm around me then rest his head on mine. Allow me
to fall asleep.

Stand with his arm around. Me all night at a concert.

Tickle me and flirt.

Hug me with his hands on my arse and squeeze my arse cheeks.

Tap my bum when I got up.

squeeze my nose and boop me on the nose.

To then dump me and say he doesn't see me romantically. And that he felt a pressure to kiss when he was the one making the moves. Is he lying about his feelings for me and scared of commitment or just not into me?

he's now commenting and liking my posts still saying contragulations knew I could get the job.

Really messing with my head.


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  • It has happened the same to me with a girl.

    He doesn't deserves you.

    • Surely he can't of had no feeling for me else why would he hold my hand etc.

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    • We went out for four months turns out his actions meant nothing. How do I know when someone really likes me as the actions he showed are meant to be shown when someone really likes you how can I trust anyone

    • I don't know, because I've never been liked by someone in my life, but certainly a person that likes you won't dump you. And if he likes you he will say he likes you romantically ;)

Most Helpful Girl

  • he was just horny. sad truth

    • We never had sex he didn't even try.

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    • So all of his actions meant nothing and was just an attempt to get me in his bed. We had been dating for four months

    • four months isn’t really that long. i’m not an expert though just a guess based on most guys

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  • I think he loved you, the times you spent together was real. Maybe he just got bored and want to try meeting with other people.

  • Probably another girl out there somewhere.

    • He asked me to be exclusive after we had an argument and I was going to walk out of his house? Why would he just not let me go could of ended then.

    • Who knows, probably had the other girl out there and she suddenly became more available or something.

What Girls Said 1

  • he wants sex


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