Should mentally ill people only date other mentally ill people?

To preface, I saw a few comments on my last question "Mental illness and dating" that said this, so I'm curious about the results. This is not my opinion.

I feel like having two mentally ill people date is like adding gasoline to the fire. Having social anxiety myself, I feel more balanced around healthy people, while being around other ill people makes me more unbalanced. So personally, I'd choose to date a healthy guy if he would have me.

Also, having social anxiety doesn't mean I start speaking in tongues or any other crazy nonsense. It just means sometimes stuff goes over my head; for example flirting or reading the mood in a room. It doesn't majorly effect my daily life and I don't define myself by the term.
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  • no on any kind of restriction on who people can date. people with mental illness are just that.


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What Guys Said 1

  • The benefit to doing it is they're often able to understand and empathise with each other more easily. It doesn't only have to be mental disabilities, any combination of difficulties in life can work, but ultimatey it depends on the people involved


What Girls Said 4

  • They can date whomever they want to.

  • Nope.

  • Sometimes, it could help to be dating someone with the same problems. They can understand better than anyone else what you're going through and how to help.

  • I agree. I also have social anxiety.


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