Are pretty girls actually lonely? And how does one approach them?

Like Charlie Sheen said "The beautiful girls are actually the loneliest."
I wanna go on a date with a girl in my college who's outside my league. What should I do?


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  • Many men are too afraid to step to a pretty girl for fear of being shut down and think she has plenty of suitors.
    The fact that lots of guys think this means no one hits on her, therefore she's alone.

    It's so dumb.

    that's why I ONLY hit on the pretty girl
    I'd rather be shut down by the most beautiful woman than some meh girl. lol.

    • Any tips to approach them?

    • Make eye contact from afar. At least, 2 ft away or more.
      Never roll up on a chick without her seeing you first. Scares the shit outta them!!! lol.

      If you are at a place where you can dance or be loud, then do that. Be the life of the party to get 'her' attention. Be fun.

      Then when you go up, you'll have something to talk about and introduce yourself.
      From there, just be human and be honest. No theatrics at this point. Just talk calmly and get to know her, see what she's into.

    • Thanks man !

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