Guys dating women out of their league?

So guys, I was wondering. If you have ever succeeded in dating a woman that was clearly out of your league, how did you do it? Did you play the personality card, the money one or something else? It's something I've always wondered, why some 10 women are with 6/7 guys. I'm also interested in knowing a few girls point on view?


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  • There's no such thing as 'out of your league'. If they're dating you, they're clearly 'in your league'.

    • Well you know what I meant, if you're average and that girl is smoking hot, you may have to have "something" that other nicer looking guys don't to date her

  • I successfully flirt with women out of my league. I think that counts for something, at least. Haha.

  • No clue how I did it and still do it. Just luck, I guess.


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