Dating advice/tips?

I'm not the best looking guy but im happy with myself and I've been with people before.

It's really hard for me to start a conversation with a girl that would actually keep going or rather how can I peak her interest in me? I'm a really pragmatic person so some social subtleties might be lost on me.

It's just I've noticed girls who shows no interest in me if I try to start a conversation with them but immediately ended up with someone with similar looks. Which begs me to ask if it's my communication skills or eye contact or who knows.. I don't know. (P. s. it's not like I'm staring at their body the whole time, tbh I avoid it when talking)

Just, it seems when I girl is interested in me they always have the same sort of "sociopathic narcissism" thing going for them (sounds worse than it is, but still no bueno).

I guess what I'm asking is, any tips?
Dating advice/tips?
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