Sudden Hair loss, making me highly self conscious about it?

I am 20 and my hairline has started receding at a very fast rate... To what extent do the girls consider it while getting into a relationship with a person. Please give your honest answer.. As in the end I can go in for hair transplant too..Sudden Hair loss, making me highly self conscious about it.?


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  • Nah, hair loss bothers men way more than women. One piece of advice? NEVER go for the comb over look. Trying to hide your hair loss is what makes it look stupid, not the hair loss itself.

    If you feel that it would be better for your personal confidence to make the decision for an implant, go for it, but know that it doesn't make a difference to the vast majority of women.


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  • My boyfriends hairline is almost like that. But he has a big ass forehead

    • Ok... Even my girlfriend is quite happy with me.. But since, my hair density on top has appreciably decreased along with a receding hairline, I got afraid.
      Doesn't that scalp look very weird to you?

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    • Yes. Cause it really doesn't look good if you try to hang on to it. You could always get a hair transplant

    • Thanks for the advise... 😊.. Seems that the engineering course load iit is interfering with my happy life by making me very self conscious 😂😂

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