Am I too jealous?

I just hate it so much and I could cry. I'm not an emotional person. I don't get angry or sad very easily. Me being angry is the most rare thing you can find. And if I'm ever angry it will turn into sadness soon. And so it did today. My boyfriend is sometimes so distracted when I talk to him at school. He sometimes calls other girls who sit on the other side of the classroom. It's often like "Jess you remember when we had this bus accident with the class!" And often adds a joke. Often while I talk to him and the others talk to each other but he's not involved in the conversation of the others. And it annoys me so much. Like do you even listen to me?

The thing is before I came to this school he got bullied by THESE people for years. I mean he went to this school for 4 years and since then he got bullied. It's quite okay now but he and by that our relationship also is the hot topic at school. Everyone still talks about him and they do not only say nice things about him. The girls he often calls are the attention seekers and I feel like by telling them jokes he just wants to protect himself from getting bullied again. It annoys me so much when he stops our conversation just to fake his personality for a few seconds to kind of impress others. Or at least try it...
And if the person he tries to impress is female I honestly feel really jealous. I mean I want to be the only girl he wants to impress... and if I talk to him I want him to listen to me. I don't even talk much, I'm more of a listener. But when I do I get interrupted by him just so he can do this again.

I'm usually very direct. If I have a problem I can directly tell what my problem is. But for some reason this one is hard to tell. I don't really know how to tell him it bothers me. And I'm scared I might be too jealous and it would... annoy him.

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Am I too jealous?
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