Said he doesn't want anything serious/ had no specific aim, but still happy to see where it goes - what does he mean?

We talk every day and I was sick of the limbo so I asked him where we stood. He sent a message saying he doesn't want anything serious but is happy to see where it goes. He then sent another one saying saying he didn't have a specific aim at the start and is good to see how it progresses. Is he just screwing with me?


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  • Sounds like he just wants to hook up physically rather than anything deeper. He doesn't want responsibility for a relationship but wants all the casual stuff

  • No, he's being honest. He's happy to continue wasting your life as long as you will let him. If you want something serious you need to dump this guy and find a guy who wants the same thing. Time is fleeting. I've seen women spend a decade or more with guys like him and then finally at 35 they realize it's never going to happen. They finally dump the guy but now time is short. They have just a few years to find a guy, settle down, and have a child, and most of the men their age who wanted to start a family already have.


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