What am I to do?

We have been together for a yr now and all we do is fight at this point and it's because he says I'm disrespecting him and I say it's cause he is to set in his ways and never listens to me. We r from to very different backgrounds. I am trying to do everything that he asks of me but it seems like its never enough. What am I to do cause I wanna stay but don't know how to when I can't be me and I can't be what he wants.


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  • If you can't be you, then what's the point? A man should love you for you and you shouldn't have to pretend

    • I feel like I'm me most of the time but it's feels like in the process of fixing what will make it better I'm losing the things that make me, me. Grant it the r the bad things which is y I'm willing to do it. I just hate that it don't seem like enough

    • Someone should even love your bad stuff. And if you're changing and its still not enough then the problem isn't you

    • Thank u

  • Speak to him and ask him what he wants because it's really hard but if it just isn't working it's better in the long term to leave it.


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