How do I get rid of anxiousness on a date?

From my past experience in dating, I have recognised a problem that has stayed with me over the years. When trying to physically interact in any way, (whether it is holding a hand, and especially with making out). I get this very anxious uncomfortable feeling inside of me telling me "NO", and I end up frozen in place, not knowing what to do or how to continue.
It only happens when I really like the girl, I haven't had any problems when I wasn't sure if I liked the girl or not.

How do I get rid of this anxiousness when dating? Im going on a date this weekend and don't want to fuck it up.


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  • Sorry dude, but anxiety on a date is just par for the course. Everyone gets anxious. It gets easier to deal with as you become more exposed to it, but therein lies the problem: you have to expose yourself to it.

    If it's really as bad as you say it is, go see a doctor about getting some anti-anxiety pills. Or try taking your date to a place that you're familiar with, but won't make her uncomfortable, like your favorite coffee shop. Lastly, try doing anything before the date to boost your testosterone. Exercise, mastubate, practice power poses, etc. Anything that makes you feel energized and in control/manly should help.

    • Thanks, appreciate the reply. I was actually quite athletic last year and worked out 5 days a week. It did make me feel alpha af, but didn't address this particular problem.

      I agree with you, I need to expose myself to it, but it only happens in some particular situations and I can't get myself to do it, trust me i've tried and I wouldn't be posting on here if it wasn't a serious issue for me.

      Im going to see if there is any medication that could help me and let me expose myself to these situations more often. Thanks for the reply :)

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