Growing slow or slowly growing apart?

I've been dating this guy for a little over two months. We see one another weekly, dates on the weekend, he initiates the majority of our dates. Our interactions started off slow, we talked for a little over a month before we even met. Initially he would text a few times a day. Over the last couple weeks our texting has slowed down, and last week he said that a part of him is uncertain and he wanted to see if I was okay with continuing dating at a slow pace (we have not been physical aside from kissing) to see how things develop. The next day he booked me for a date for the weekend. I do not want to come off as needy, but I do like him and hope it continues. We are both a litter older, he is in his early 40's and I am mid 30's. Neither of us has ever been married or had children but both express that interest. I guess I am wondering if I am wasting my time? When he doesn't text for 2-3 days in a row, I grow anxious and wonder if I should initiate contact? I do not want to appear needy or pushy during this phase of dating.


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  • I think after two months, he still wants to take thing slow , I won't date him. Have you thought about maybe he is dating someone else?

    I actually pulled out from similar situation. We were both in later 20s, I didn't click all the two months, but I still wanted to try because he seemed nice, then he said he wanted to take it slow.. I was like , there is no way to take it anyway slower. So I called it off.


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