Tips on being more socially confident?

I'm a 19 year old student in Cardiff- I find making friends easy as I'm a laid back guy and easy to get on with. Where I struggle is socially when I want things to be more than friends and how to be interesting in that area.
I think I am quite a classic example of someone that over thinks this sort of thing. I'm slightly old fashioned in that I'm not exactly comfortable putting my hands on someone I don't know- say dancing with someone random in a club and getting up close. I also struggle with like what to say.

I guess just any advice for a slightly shy guy on flirting/ dating cause I don't really know what I'm doing 😂.
I'll answer any questions if people want more detail or anything.


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  • I guess everyone is different. I have almost no problem talking to girls, but also find it difficult to approach.

    I found one girl I like with a mutual look and then a slight smile. If she smiles back it will give you confidence to approach her and say Hi

    Try to find out what she likes or what she is doing. If she is in the bar, offer her a drink. At the club ask for dance. If she is doing something, offer her your help. Always create conversation or make jokes, the funnier and awkward in a good way, the better. Just don't be a douche!

    • I always feel like super awkward going up to girls that are clearly with a group of friends cause it's like I'm intruding yet that's like 99% of girls in clubs.
      I don't think I would ever come across as a douche but I'm always nervous of being seen as a creep - swear I ain't legit but like when I see guys hitting on people in clubs it makes me cringe lol

    • I know exactly what you mean. I would never approach a woman in a group.
      I guess you have to try to lose the fear. Just look at her in the eyes and smile. The smile back is important and gives you the chance to start a conversation.

    • Ye i guess - I'm so terrible with all this stuff lol. Cheers tho dude

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