Do you have to earn respect or can you just demand it without any prior reason?

You shouldn't treat strangers bad, but do you have to respect them? There was this gager who wrote she demands that her dates respect her. I think people should treat people well, but respect has to be earned. What are your opinions?
  • Respect has to be earned.
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  • We should respect strangers.
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  • We should treat strangers with respect, but they then have to earn that respect.
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  • Everyone deserves basic courtesy. Respect is earned through trial and travail. If you have done nothing and accomplished nothing, you don't DESERVE respect but I will show you basic courtesy.


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  • No one deserves anything. But my personal philosophy is that the fact that they don't deserve it is precisely why we should give it. After all, what good is respect if it's just a requirement?

  • in my opinion - Respect should be earned, however, courtesy must also be given on a stranger.
    Remember - you don't know anything about that person yet.

  • Everyone deserves a certain baseline level of respect. After that, everything has to be earned.

  • I respect everyone untill they disrespect me or someone I care about or do anything to lose my respect


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