Two guys like me, how do I chose between them?

We're in the same group of friends, but theyre not close friends. First guy I've noticed him liking me for a few months now. The second guy I just noticed his intrest in me the other day. What do I do? Just go with it and see what happens?


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  • The worst thing to do would be to lead them both along. You need to make a decision for yourself, and the one you don't choose may be upset, but it will be way better than if you got close and then you ripped the rug out from under him when you chose the other.

    • How do I not lead them on? I don't want anyone to get hurt honestly. Theyre both good guys.

    • That's where it gets complicated. There's no way to get out of this unscathed unless you flat out tell one of them no. As long as the other guy is strong enough to accept it, you'll do fine. I was that guy, and it hurt, but a couple of weeks later we started talking again. That was 8 years ago, and i'll be the best man at her wedding next month.

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  • Until you formally commit just go with it...

    • Thanks, now I can relax a little.

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    • Sorry I just feel like a terrible person.

    • Why? You have no commitment to either of these guys. Once you develop feeling toward one of them... if you do... then tell the other guy you are not interested.

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