Should I make a realy move, or just stop?

There's this girl I've known for about three years, and we have a kind of weird relationship. We tease each other relentlessly. We have a lot in common, and we sometimes meet each other coincidentally and bars, in shops and other places. We usually flirt a lot, and we end up making out and groping each other in a bathroom, backroom or an alley. It all goes to that point, but never further. But just to tease, she stops me, or I stop her. It's a little frustrating, but kind of fun, too.
Should I make a move, or should I wait for her to do it?


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  • make a move for sex, or for relationship?

    • This is an important distinction. What you get out of a relationship is the average of what all parties put into the relationship.

    • Both, I guess?

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