My boyfriend hung out with another girl on his birthday?

I don’t know her but my friends are in the same class with that girl and my boyfriend and they have heard him say to his friends that he’d “fuck her for sure” when his friend asked if he thinks she’s cute. And another friend told me that she’s seen him check her out so he must think she’s attractive.

And they also hung out on my boyfriend birthday.

my boyfriend said nothing happened but he doesn’t know that I know he said those things about her!

Do you think something happened between them when they hung out?
  • They probably hooked up
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  • They probably didn’t hook up but something probably happened
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  • He probably tried hooking up with her
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  • Most likely nothing happened
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Live it learn it breath it I would bet anything she either blew him or fucked him on his Birthday for sure...

    • How do you know

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    • Birthday

    • Well usually on someones Birthday they want to celebrate and have a really good time and they want to do something that they will remember that Birthday for and most people I know when they celebrate their Birthday want to get loaded and laid instead of getting boring Birthday cards and gifts they really do not want and wind up either taking them back or throwing them in the garbage.

      I can remember my 21st Birthday specifically as I was invited to a surprise Birthday party by all of my friends and when I got there everyone was drinking heavily and it turned into an Orgy and it was the first Orgy I had ever attended with 22 people having sex at the same time in the living room and that was a Birthday I will never ever forget!!!

Most Helpful Girl

  • I think nothing happaned.


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  • I would not read a lot into that we should all be allowed to have friends.. and if you are his one he wants to be with then he will not to stuff behind your back.. many guys will but not all are painted withn the same brush, but if you hear this guy did something with her he should not have.. well then get rid of the trash.. he will only tell u if he is caught

  • Try asking her rather than assuming whatever gets the most votes on here is the right answer. How are we supposed to know?

    • What if she likes him? Couldn't she just lie even if nothing happened to break them up?

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    • I agree you can but you shouldn't say those things to people who would would possibly pass the word around that this guy with a girlfriend wants to fuck.

    • He said that to his guy friends, not a big deal. Loads of guys talk about other girls they find attractive and so do women, married, single or whatever. Tons of both genders do.

      Also, there are games where you literally have to say you would fuck someone like "fuck, kill, marry."

      Again, the difference is loyalty, not what you say.

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