Does he ghost me and lose his interest?

There is a guy I m really into in my college. We agreed on we are dating after almost a year hookup. But things goes wired after one month dating. He said he can't give me any commitment. We end up the dating. But i said i still want to try. But after that, he never text me ( he texted me frequently before). I started text him initially. Once he replyed me after two days, said he forgot to press send. But still ask how's my weekend. Does he ghost me? Does he still have interest on me? What can I do to have him back to the moment when we were very close and when he liked me before?


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  • Honestly, that's happened to me before where I wrote something then forgot to finish my thought and never sent the text. That being said, he made it pretty clear that he can't commit. There could be various reasons, but that shouldn't be your problem, that's his. Sounds to me like a typical college guy that wants to hookup with girls and not commit. Not that he isn't interested in you, but he sounds like a fuckboi to me. Not much you can do about that. Sorry :/


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