How do you know if you love someone?

Never been in love and not sure if I currently am. Current boyfriend is absolutely amazing, dating for 3 months. He is so sweet, kind, and caring. He always makes me feel special. I really like him and care about him. But what's the difference between that and love?


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  • Love is like, imagining a future together, like I can relate, I'm with my current girlfriend 3 months also, never wanted kids or get married until I met her, now I find myself thinking about it, thinking how she's amazing and what I would do without her in my life, and how making sacrifices for her come easier, I know I'm in love, but maybe more time is what you need aswell


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  • Not to sound cliche, but when you are in love you will just know. I really liked my ex, and I cared about him. But I never had that feeling of being in love with him. Now dating my boyfriend, I know I'm in love with him. I just feel it within me. It is a peaceful feeling, and I knew exactly what it was as soon as I felt it.


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  • You'll know. One day you'll look at him and think to yourself, "God, I love you."
    Or maybe not, but you will know when it happens.

  • I am a very cautious person. I dont just dive deep and say" I love you" off the bat, I think you need time to know for sure. That being said love to me makes me feel dependent on them like I need them. I want to know how their day is, what they are up to, how I can make things better for them. Love is also about making decisions that would benefit them (even if it is not ideal for you).

    With my current boyfriend I was super drunk and he was taking care of me and I blurted it out. I said it to him earlier than I normally would but it was what I felt and I do not regret it. He told me three weeks into dating me that he loved me but I clearly was not there yet.

    It is something you have to feel is there in order to say it truly.


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