Exclusive, is labeling that important?

I've only ever labeled one relationship since high school (under 16 to yanks for what ever school that is to them), and because of that thinks fell through. When things haven't been labelled, they fell through for other reasons, so, is labeling important? And if so, how do you have a conversation about labelling the relationship?

I don't really care for social media by the way, I think people put to much faith into it, so sod Facebook official etc.

Just want some opinions!


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  • To an extent I think it shows you are willing to be with and see where it will go.


What Guys Said 2

  • I think that with a label, it is easier for people to stay faithful. Think about it, what sounds better: This is a girl that I have been seeing or this is my girlfriend

    • Never really introduced someone as my girlfriend, it's always been people who are aware of the situation, and she gets introduced by her name.

      Equally, if I did, I wouldn't make sure I have a conversation about it before I would introduce them. (If that makes sense)

      I think the idea of the conversation seems quite childish to me?

    • how is it childish? what if you decide to get married? are you still not going to put a label on it?

    • I feel it's childish because that's how things where when I was a child "do you want to go out with me and be my girlfriend?"

      And I think wife would be different as something would HAVE to happen for that title?

  • Labelling what relationships? people? I only keep with me something I heard my mentor say and that is "their labels are fables"


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