Is a kiss important to guys?

I have this guy that's interested in me. The thing is am not sure if he is being truthful about not having another girlfriend, since rumors are flying all over the place. So am very careful about the actions I take with this guy. He is so persistent about getting a kiss from me. I don't understand why a kiss is so important to him, and were not even dating. Whenever I refuse to give him one, he says that he can't be around me because he has feelings for me, and he can't take the stress( his words not mine).

Guys, what do you think is it a big deal or not if I give him a kiss?


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  • Wow. Same issue :)

    I think he likes you alot, but if there's rumors he has another girlfriend...

    then maybe he doesn't deserve his kiss! maybe one on the cheek to shut em up.

    but keep your lips away haha

    itll make him want you more :)

    • Thanks for your answer. Cool that we have similar issues, cause I know you understand what am talking about.