Why does my friend think my boyfriend is using me?

She hasn't met him yet because she lives in a different state, but she is convinced I shouldn't trust him.
We have been dating for almost two months, every Friday is our date night, and we spend at least 4 hours if not longer together since we live an hour apart. He has been nothing but kind to me, he has not pressured me into doing anything I'm not ready for as well.
He also makes sure I have everything I need, so he got me a bunch of winter clothes for Christmas. And he is talking long term, like he is somewhat planning on us being together after I graduate undergrad in 2.5 years. He is also really protective over me, and always tells me if someone ever lays a finger on me to tell him so he can "grab his gun".
She keeps saying not to fall for him and trust him because all guys are nice at the beginning. That he is going to hurt me in the end and she doesn't trust him.
My friends that have met him think he is really sweet and truly a gentleman. They trust him and are actually really happy for me.
Why would she try and convince me that he will not ever actually love me and is out to hurt me?


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  • tbh your friend is probably single and jealous of how good your relationship is going. I'm not even trying to sound mean but that's probably what is going on

    • She isn't single though, but she is always complaining about her boyfriend

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  • Ask her, any opinion about your friend is invalid as nobody here knows her. Just ask her why she is so adamant about this.

    • I have and she just says because she knows how guys are

    • Okay then you can ignore her opinion. An opinion like that is not worth listening too

  • Yeah he could be playing you know how you know for sure give him Pussy first night see if he sticks around after then you know lmao women are dumb

    • Well considering he knows I'm not having sex before marriage and he is okay with that and staying with me...

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    • Cause he’s a guy and we all have intentions good and bad if he’s a good boy and wants to wait till marriage why does he own a gun and threaten anyone’s life who does you wrong basically lmao doesn’t sound very Christian like to me

    • Because he is a hunter, so he has a deer rifle? And he wouldn't actually shoot a person, he just says that because he wants me to know that he will protect me if he ever needed to

  • All guys are meant to hurt you in the end dear. No relationships last forevever these days.

    Just enjoy being a woman.

    He is being all strong and macho and overprotective beacause he is the man. He's meant to. But believe me when the time comes he'll double think if you're worth the mansalughter charges and jail time. That overprotectiveness signals a bit of possesiveness and a lot of women dont like that. Its up to you how traditional you are beacuse a lot of women dont like being treated as property.

    While the boy has some prositives and negatives. All your friend is seeing is the negative.

    Give the boy a chance to make you feel happy and make you feel like a woman.
    Although i wouldn't expect forever in your relationship. So the marriage decision is up to you

  • Seems to me that she is jealous of you

  • He seems way too nice


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