Why is saying I Love you to someone you are dating such an issue?

Even after a kiss why is it an issue. Or something that scares people


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  • It depends on how far you're into the relationship. If you say it too soon they may get creeped out and think you're clingy. Giving time is good and simple gestures work well.

    • why should anyone get creeped out by a non threatening thing you say. its not like you're tying them up. they can choose to worry over nothing or choose not to. they may choose to freakout but it doesn't explain why they decide to. a feeling does not determine action. you can have any feeling and still have control.

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    • Again I don't know your circumstances in full detail so I'm giving it out in broad range. Sorry.

    • I think both points are valid and it's a question that needs to be examined. I mean if I say I love you. It's not harmful to say unless I do hurt you. But with that being said if the person is being genuine in there heart that's what they fill is it the fact of something else or that person maybe hasn't heard anyone say that to them before and mean it.

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