How to tell if a girl is actually interested in you or is just using you for entertainment?

So yeah the title sums it up but here we go.

I’ve been flirting with this girl recently. One of my friends was “cyber dating” this girl, and she was scared of him and hated him. He refused to accept that, and sent me to try and push her back towards him. Instead, I finally split them apart.

This wasn’t out of my own jealous. I was very concerned with my friends mental health at his point, and knowing his past... offenses, I didn’t want her hurt or possible worse.

So later along, we get to talking, FaceTiming, and I realized... just how beautiful she actually was. Maybe it was when she laid on her back with her hand above her head, or maybe I knew it all along, but kept it down subconsciously for my friends sake.

Whatever it is, I have major feelings for her now. So I have been playfully flirting with her, ex. When she miss-typed “no it was cute” to “no I was cute” I wrote, “I know you are but I’m worried about me”. And she has told me straight up “i haven’t put you in the friend zone yet, as I’m worried I’ll get feelings for you and be like ‘oh no!’”

Now I’ve told her I’ll get her gifts, and hopefully once other personally matters get settled, take her out on a date.

But she has kept me secret from her friends, and claims it is “too much to explain”

I’ve had many bad relationships with girls previously using me. And I want to make sure this it the right girl.

How can I tell if she’s interested in me back?

Thank you all. Sorry for the long read.


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  • I can't speak for all girls but here are the biggest signs I give when I actually like a guy and want to be in a relationship with him:
    1. I will display my affection for them (hold hands, lean up against their shoulder, let them hold me etc). Both in private and in public.
    2. I will bring you around my friends and family to see how you get along.
    3. I will make an effort to spend time with you

    Those are all things I will ONLY do if I see a guy as a potential partner. Flirting and teasing can be done if I'm interested and feeling them out, but I'm pretty open about letting a guy know I'm interested in him if I am, without being overly aggressive. lol.

    But if you really like this girl, why not ask her? Or at least drop signs of your own and see how she responds? You never know unless you try hun.


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