How to deal with anxiety and insecurity of a guy not liking you?

I have become a stronger person over the years, and I try to stay strong, but when I start dating someone that I really like even after just 3 dates I get very insecure and nervous they will change their mind about me. I have been using dating apps for over 2 years and there have been at least 4 guys that I have met that I went on at least somewhere between 3-7 dates. It's never worked out mostly because the guy ghosts or I had 1 guy who completely breadcrumbed me. I am now seeing someone (went on 3 dates), and I feel confident and happy when he texts me and shows initiative that he is into me by asking me how my day way? or double texting sometimes, asking me out early in the week like a day after our date. But I suddenly start to doubt myself when he doesn't do this stuff 1 day even though he is texting me back or its Tuesday and still has yet to ask me out. I try to tell myself it will be okay because I was fine before I met this guy and just act normal like I did then, but it's very difficult. I think partially it's because i want to find love really bad, so i hope every time I like someone it works out. Also, because of my past experiences of guys changing their mind/breadcrumbing I feel nervous of getting hurt all over again. Any advice would be helpful to deal with this situation. I also have tried talking to other guys on the apps as well to help keep my mind off of him and to have options, but it's still difficult.


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  • So what is stopping you from texting him once in a while? There is also nothing wrong with asking him out now and then as well. Also, make sure while you are dating someone, keep your self busy and don't just sit around at home hoping he will text you. Just keep it chill, be responsive to when he calls or texts you, andjust have fun.

  • A Girl Doesn’t Need Anyone Who Doesn’t Need You Marylin Monroe. In other words you be ok you find who treats you better.


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