Does she like me?

We have hung out a few times but only in group settings. We are pretty much friendly, like i can't tell if she is doing things to show me interest or just being friendly. Like coming to sit in the same pew as me at church (with a friend in the middle)

We have been texting a lot and she is super responsive. Like very detailed and it feels like more of a conversation than just questions. We haven't hung out to like test chemistry.. but we talk a lot on text.

I don't know.. Thoughts?


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  • That's just the thing! The line between friendly and flirty doesn't seem to exist.
    If I were you I'd ask her hang out 1-on-1. Not a date, just hangin' out.
    If her behavior changes to slightly more flirty (it'll be subtle, most likely) then I think that's a good sign she's interested.
    If the "friendliness" stays the same she might just be a friendly person and easy to get along with.

    • Thing is. She is gona be gone till mid January on break. So we have just been texting... One on one won't happen for like a month =/

What Guys Said 1

  • Test chemistry


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