Online dating or no?

i want to meet someone but i feel like online dating is embarrassing... and i’m always scared i’ll get catfished. But i have horrible social anxiety so i don’t know what to do! any ideas?


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  • I posted about online dating too. It's rough from a guys perspective (at least a guy who isn't a 10 lol), but women appear (maybe I'm wrong) to have it easier. I think it can be positive, but like anything it's not perfect. As a guy I would say don't keep the chat going forever without meeting up. Talking on pm vs in person is not the same. Inflection, tone, mannerisms, along with other things make a much more connected conversation than just words.

  • It's definitely okay to date online, nothing wrong with it, but be prepared for the literal rollercoaster of negative emotions that come with it. Loneliness is one of the biggest, yes you may be dating that person, and yes you two may really like/love each other, but they aren't actually there to hold you, kiss you, and do the things someone in front of you would. Online dating is something you need to be mentally prepared for above all else. Don't be afraid of being catfished, just don't give them the chance to catfish you, I'd recommend using Snapchat as a way to weed out catfishers, if they take a picture of a person from Google to send to you, it'll show that the photo was sent by the camera roll, that's usually a big sign, it's hard to catfish when you use a social media based off of pictures, it'll be obvious , good luck!!!


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