Guy bailed on me and is giving me mixed signals?

So I met this guy on Tinder like two months ago. He is five mins away for me. We met for the first time last Friday as we've been talking everyday since October. I'm just confused. Here are the signs I thought liked me:
-Compliments me
-Talks to me almost everyday
-Wanted to see me/talk on the phone
He told me last Friday that we were gonna hang out today before he leaves to another state tomorrow. Turns out he's hanging out with my "friend" and she can be fake towards me. It just hurts because he didn't let me know or anything. I should have known he didn't like me because he wanted to bring his friend with him the first time we were gonna meet, plus he even said I was too good/busy (i study a lot) for him. It's just like why give me these signs when you're talking to my friend. We go to the same school (the girl and I).
This hurts.. I just got out of a bad breakup about six months ago, and I thought this guy really liked me. Wow.


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  • It may not mean he doesn't like you , but it does possibly mean that he's trying to hold onto you while trying to get a hold on your friend as well. By keeping in contact with you he's keeping his hold on you whether he's talking to your friend or not, which is why you've made this post cause he's got your mind on him which is what he wants. He may like you, he might, but it sounds like he wants to like other girls at the same time too. It doesn't sound like he's ready for anything serious, especially if he's chilling with a girl you consider fake, if it really bothers you, you should bring it up to him. It might help. I hope everything works out! I'm rooting for you

    • The most important thing is though, don't let it linger on you, it'll stress you out and make you sad like it already is, get your mind onto something else for the time being! It'll help!

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    • Noted. I'm not about to be involved in drama/get hurt again. Cause Lord knows.. I'm gradually healing/feeling better from the breakup. And when I tell you it was bad

      It was BAD

    • He messaged me in the morning right. I was cold with my replies. He was like, what's wrong (really) and I was like, nothing just tired. He then was like, your vibe doesn't seem right. And l was like, what do you mean? And he was like, you're not acting like your usual self. And I was like "lol just tired that's all" he didn't reply. Like how can you be that oblivious

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