When is a d**k pic warranted?

So there was a chick I was talking to and after about a month of chatting she came onto me and sent me a video of her playing with herself, the sexting session went well but we never met, we fought it was bad, i moved on and then a month later I checked up on her and she hit on me and said we should work out together sometime , I messed that up too and we still haven't met, since the beginning she's used distance as an excuse and how we wouldn't be convenient, now here's the kicker, I'm actually fairly well endowed and so i was thinking of sending her a snap of my junk saying something cheesy like "convenience isn't everything" but I'm not even 100% sure she just wanted sex or that now is even a good time bc she doesn't want to talk to me again, thoughts? And i mean thoughts aside from move on bc that isn't am answer
When is a d**k pic warranted?
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