What's going on? The sudden change?

About 4 days ago my boyfriend said he was ready to leave me... after two days of me not talking to him and pretty much ignoring him... he finally let me know that he was hurt about me not communicating with him and showing I don't care... he said he knows that I don't care anymore...

Now when I try to break up with him, he says we are not ending anything that he's staying.

Why the sudden change?


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  • What changed? I will tell you... He made a very masculine decision to leave a girl who doesn't communucate to him and he made in a masculine way, not showing his feelings and sending everything to hell.
    You didn't called the bluff and after two days he sissied up and cried like a baby to you. Because of that, you are not attracted to him anymore.

  • Sounds like you both are playing juvenile games

  • Weird guy


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