Girls, what would make you sleep with a guy without a conversation chemistry?

Lets say a guy dont have any patient whatsoever to make you feel special he will never hide he is talking with other girls as well so you know it. He also is not very friendly with you, altough he is charming.
What does it takes for him to say: "Come to my place" and you go without a second tought.


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  • Nothing would make me do that.

    • Thanks! It was helpful!

What Guys Said 1

  • The urge

    • Can you be more specific?
      I mean, thatbwas exactly my question. What would create the urge?
      You can be ripped off at a gym and show photos of yourself on facebook but some women are very shy to accept it even still.
      How to make them comfortable with the idea?
      Funny? Fake to be sensitive? Or if you are very handsome is easier? The whole point of the question.

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    • Thank u. I am new here

    • No worries. TY.

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