How long should I wait to talk to my bf?

My boyfriend and i has been fighting a lot all week. We mainly fight over social media behavior (immature I️ know). I feel his social media habits are concerning. He tells me social media is just social media. But, i believe it is reflective of reality in a sense. Anyways... we got into a huge fight, he thought I️ was breaking up with him and vice versa. Anyways, I️ said “maybe we should take a few days away from each other because we are not in a good place”. So far, it’s been 2 days.


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  • It's probably been long enough. You both seem to have plenty of time to cool down.

    • He texted me today wishing me good luck on my school finals. That was about I️t. Do I️ ask if we are still together? I️ don’t know if we’re broken up or not.

    • Until you hear the words "I'm breaking up with you" or something along those lines, you're still together. A single fight doesn't mean the relationship is over. If you really want to be sure, talk to him about what caused the fight, work through it, and come to a mutual understanding. Like I said, unless he or you state in unambiguous terms that you want the relationship to end, you're still together.

    • Yes. But, my ex left me without saying a word. He just vanished from me and was with a new woman the next day. So, people don’t always offer closure.

      And yes, that is true. He did not say, but I️ figured - maybe he is waiting until i finish my exams. But, I️ was wrong also, I️ know what caused the argument. I️t is an issue of past behaviors he has had online that bothered me and hurt me.

  • Id wait at least one more day 2 let him figure out what he wants that's just my opinion though 3 days is helpful for most people I said most not all though that's really your choice though

    • Usually he is the one to reach out first. I could, but, when I️ have done I️t, I’m often rejected and he tells me he needs more time.

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    • You can if you want to

    • I did. He got mad at me for asking.

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