Women, what do you think you intitled to?

Remember women intitled is a verb and it is a real word, im not asking what you think I am. Read carefully.

Edit- that second you is your*. Forgot the r


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  • Im entitled to say, "learn to spell". Freedom from misogynistic users. Freedom to say, for a man you're pretty ignorant. Freedom to say, as a woman I probably make more money than you, attract and chase after men, and usually get them. If you're #trolling , then i am too.

    What are men intitled to? The right to shutup🤣😂😂

    • I'm also entitled to respond to yes I spell entitled wrong, Ill admit it. I'm not ignorant because I have knowledge of what I'm I'm saying (or asking) ( ignorant means to ack without knowledge, so nice try), you probably do make more money than me, I have a penis, fuck women, and I'm not trolling, just asking a question.

      But i like your opinion though

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