What is your ideal partner?

What in your eyes would be the perfect partner? What type of personality would they have? What color eyes/hair? Do you prefer a certain race? Would you want them to agree with you on certain things? What are other things that he/she must be in order to be adequate for you?

For me, probably one of the most important things is that she can be self-aware, just overall. What I mean specifically is that she can tell how her own actions may be received as weird or wrong or funny etc. And also, self-aware in an ironic sense, meaning that she can make fun of herself and not take herself so seriously all the time.

Another thing would be that she questions internet trends before joining the bandwagons just to be relatable while sacrificing her dignity. Basically being able to identify dumb trends (like dance trends, certain hashtags that go viral, dumb circlejerks of "instagram comedians", unfunny viners turned YouTubers etc) and avoid them despite maybe a few of her friends being part of said trends. Or preferably she could just dislike most internet trends (like me).

For eye color, I don't give two fucks. But, for hair color, it would definitely be gold blonde.

I don't prefer races at all. I find that concept very silly. As long as the person is attractive, that's all that matters. But I'm not the type of person to say that you're racist if you do prefer races.

And other things would be: She isn't annoying me constantly and isn't embarrassing to be with in public (I've had that happen in the past if you couldn't sense it). She has to be talkative. She has to be at least pretty cute. It would be nice if we had similar taste in music too. It would also be good if she wasn't constantly having depression all the time. one last thing, she has to be someone I'm not embarrassed in the least to introduce the important people in my life to.
What is your ideal partner?
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