Would you date a shy guy?

I'm rather a rather shy guy and I for the life of me can't hold a conversation with another woman, nor even walk up to one. If I start talking with one I internally panic and stay quiet because I don't what to say to them. Not to mention my face heats up making me feel hot and wanting cool air, probably quite apparent that I blush hard, which is rather embarrassing.

I am slowly coming out of my shell, but it is difficult. I have definitely made progress from who I used to be.

Just feel like it's difficult for a guy such as me to be able to start a family.


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  • I love shy guys. But sometimes I confuse shyness with nonchalance. So that’s something you need to consider. I’m sure girls actually wanna talk to you, but maybe they don’t know if you’re interested or not. :) try at least smiling at them

    • I smile as often as I can, something I learned from school because I always looked grouchy. Lol.

    • Maybe that’s why. The first impression you give is what people label you as. It’s good that you’re trying to get out of your shell tho. I suggest working out and getting fit/muscly so that you boost your confidence and attractiveness at the same time :)

    • I should probably stop cheating on my diet...

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