Is ut wrong to stay friends with an olddd ex?

I have an ex from 3 years ago [im only 18] and weve stayed friends and my fiance is concerned with me still being friends with her
Am i in the right or the wrong here?


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  • Neither of you are really in the wrong and neither are in the right either because yes its ok to be friends with an old ex but its also fair for her to be a bit jealous.. here's another way of putting it how would you feel if she had an ex boyfriend as a guy friend? You'd most likely be jealous too (even though you wouldn't like to admit it)...

  • I mean... does your ex really just want to be friends or do you feel she might want something more out of it? Your fiancée isn’t right or wrong but I understand her. If my boyfriend or husband or whatever were to be friends with his ex I’d be concerned/jealous too.

    • Its completely platonic we stopped having feeling for each other about 2 years ago and weve just been friends her current boyfriend is a good friend of mine and it seems everyones okay with it but my fiance

    • Maybe with time she’ll start feeling relaxed about it. Perhaps plan an outing with everyone, including your fiancée. It’ll be awkward at first but then I hope she will start to loosen up

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