Will he leave her for me?

Last year i started pursuing this wonderful boy. He was amazing we went on the cutest dates and had so much fun together. I really encourgaged him to strengthen his relationship with God and he believed i was Gods gift to him. He constantly told me that i was going to be his wife someday. He told me he wanted to start officially dating but he needed to take care of something first before he starts his final relationship with me. This other girl, who he has a history with, just came back into his life and he feels she needs the closure so they started getting together. Very shady but anyway They have been dating for about 6 months. we have becoming closer lately and he just told me that he is unhappy with his girlfriend and he make the wrong decision choosing her. He told me I am the only thing that makes him happy even though he suffers from depression. He tells me that he will break up with his girlfriend someday but he is afraid of he does it now she will hurt herself. I don't see how it will get any easier to leave her and i'm afraid if he can't do it now then he never will. I don't want to put false hope in this boy but he tells me everyday I am his person and that God made us for each other and as a strong christian i can't ignore these kind of words and the pull i feel toward him spirtitually. Should i believe him and give him time to find the right way to breakup with her or drop him completely?
Will he leave her for me?
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