Why did he ask when are we going to be official?

i kinda have been talking to this guy. we went out today. he said, when are we going to be official. i told him i dont know if your messing around or not. i didn't believe him when he said that. he then says "that fuck** up. i dont know, i just didn't know how to respond when he said that. i didn't know if he was being for real or not?


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  • He sounds genuinely curious to if you guys are becoming an official exclusive couple and sounds kind of hurt by your response, not your fault of course.

    • Of course is her fault... Why on earth presume a guy who wants to settle with her is sleeping around? Lol. Very insecure, I would cancel it right away as it would lead to latter problems.

    • I was just saying it wasn't her fault because she seems ignorant of what she had done.

    • Oh, yes I agree with that.

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  • He wants to make sure u know he likes u and wants u to him self

  • He wanted to make ur relationship public n open thtsy.

  • Marriage


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