Why am I being cheated on... every time?

I've had 3 long term relationships as an adult: all three proposed, one turned into a short lived marriage, all three ended up cheating on me. What I have been doing wrong is unknown.

I stay in shape, I take good care of them, I treat their friends and family like my own (most important thing in my life), regular sex (as often as possible), spontaneous trips and adventures, romantic nights in, I take care of myself, have always had my own life and have been financially responsible. I'm supportive, inspire them to go after their dreams and help them achieve anything they want in life. It is incredibly important to me to be a worthy partner, to me you don't ever stop showing that your partner matters to you and that they are worth putting out the effort for.

Every guy I've dated has said the same lines: I don't deserve you, you could have anybody, why me?, etc. if they feel this way... and know that I expect loyalty in return for my own... why would they sleep with another woman?

What can I do to stop this cycle before I get into my next relationship?

Any advice would truly be appreciated, because at this point I don't know what else I can do to be a better partner. I give 100% and end up in the same situation over and over again. Thank you for your time.

Why am I being cheated on... every time?
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