What keeps a guy interested? 27 Female, Facepalm Dating? Or, totally meant to me single for LIFE?

Yes sex of course, it is lovely. But, I mean is this.. I see tons of high school girls with boyfriends and guys that accompany them to the mall, store, even the doctors office? The last one I think is a little weird.. Anyway, I digress. I'm 27 female, and can't seem to make that "second date" type relationship. The one where you start to hold hands and call each other after work sometimes, even get together for dinner if you aren't busy and making someone a priority in your life.

Maybe, I just haven't met the guy. Maybe, hopeless lol...


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  • No just not sexy lmao what's sexy.. you being happy internally.. this truly makes guys so happy cuz your not something to help but someone coexisting happiness together 🤗

  • SINGLE FOR LIFE!!! Try optimism!! Your mindset is what attracts the guy into your life in the first place.


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