Girls, Asian girls, would you date an American man?

Are you into white guys at all? Would you date one?

I’m not exactly the ideal white guy, but I do what I can to be a good gentleman to everyone. I’ve considered looking for a relationship with someone Japanese, but Japanese girls aren’t exactly common in Michigan... My dream job being in video game design would probably take me to Japan if successful, which is one reason I’m curious. Japan also sounds like it would have lots of intelligent, creative, and fun girls.

Do you think I have any chance for a Japanese girlfriend? If so, what should I do? Join an Asian dating site?


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  • My ethnicity is Asian but I was born and grew up in the US and I'm not sure if that's the type of girl you're asking about... but I've dated white guys

    • Ethnicity is the only important part.

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    • I guess I should’ve just said “white man”.
      I’ve seen an add for an Asian dating site. Would some girls on one live in the America?

    • I don't really know because I've never used one but you can try it!

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  • well I live in Canada so no cuz that would b rlly inconvenient


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