Who gives better dating advice for guys, women or men?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Men give better advice.

    • If you're a dude giving advice to a chick then it's better but chicks give better advice to dudes about chicks I think.

Most Helpful Guy

  • When it comes to men and dating, women tend to say one thing but do another. Therefore their advice to guys on dating tends to be unrealistic.

    If you want to understand female behavior, observe how they behave and ignore what they say.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Women, but no one really listens to advice, especially men.


What Guys Said 4

  • advice on many levels is a fundamentally flawed concept. By comparison, support it the crutch for anyone to lean on

    on this point, both men/women are great

  • If you are clueless are u going to ask someone else who is clueless too because then you 2 are going to be smart?

    • Why would you ask someone who is clueless, you would ask someone who is good with women obviously

    • This was a comment i dont know how this became a opinion lol

  • Men. If you're trying to catch a fish, do you ask a fisherman or the fish?

    • If you are trying to catch a criminal do you ask a cop or another criminal?

    • You bring up a good point. But the problem is as A "cop" most "criminals" aren't just going to give you the truth about how to catch them, it's counter intuitive to them. I think it's good to get a general overview from a "criminal" but at the end of the day the "cop" has experience in catching criminals, theyve done it many times before, there's been methods developed and strategy. the criminal doesn't.

    • The difference is men who are good at picking up women have experience. Women never picked up other women and just tell you what they think they want to hear

  • Is that even a question well listen to a woman see what happens

    • What happens

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    • Lol that's exactly what I think too they may tell you what they think want but once they have it they realize they don't want it.

    • Yes exactly

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