How can I know that he loves me?

I’m 18 years old I love a guy... we talk everyday this happened for 5 months and then he asked me to go out to watch a movie and then he hold my hand after 3 days he asked me to go out again to watch another movie he hold my hand again but that time was different he rub my thumb squeezed , massaged and kissed my hand at the end at this night he gave me his jacket too when I was cold... but until now he didn’t tell me by words that he loves me.. what should I do?


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  • Either wait or tell him some compliments and push/help him into saying it.

    • But he does, don't worry

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    • Yay! Here you go, it wasn't anything that complicated, was it? Anyways, congratulations, have a long and happy time together! And thanks for letting me know! 😊

    • Thanks for encouraging me to take this step.. I felt that I have to tell you 🙄

  • y'all met twice, he may be attracted to you, but I don't think he can actually love you yet.

    • He told me the second time that he didn’t want to leave me and go home.. could this be a sign? If not... I’m really into him what should I do to make him love me.. we can’t meet all the time because He is 3 years older than me and studies engineering and I study pharmacy our opportunities to see each other are few...

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    • hhhhhhh 😂 I liked the app too ✌🏻Yup your answers were helpful ✌🏻

    • He told me that he loves me finally 😻

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