He said he's immensely proud of me and I mean a lot to him?

I meet this guy 6 months ago. We dated then stayed friends and then decided to exclusively date (has been three months now).

Yesterday I told him about my amazing day at work and he texted me;

"Immensely proud of you" and "you mean a lot to me but I know if I say it, you won't believe me"

He always talks about our future and that he adores me. He's spoken about going on holiday and that he was all birthdays a nd Christmases.

My sister keeps telling me he loves me but is afraid to say so. I think he just really likes me and enjoys my company...

Guys who would you say all the above to? Someone you love or some other reason.

Thank you in advance 😀
Ok now I don't feel silly buying him a Christmas present because I saw the books and instantly thought of him


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  • Just my experience, but a guy doesn't talk to you like that if he doesn't love you. If you love him maybe take the plunge and be the first to say it?


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  • You are quite lucky. I was deeply in love and I lost her because I was afraid to tell her I loved her. Decades later I feel the same. It sure sounds like he is quite genuine.

  • After my history I get hesitant to saying "I love you" so I would say he could and just doesn't want to say it because of the past. That is if he had serious relationships in the past

  • If he's talking about your future with him, he loves you


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