Fish outta water. Getting back out into the dating scene

how do I get back out into the dating scene? I'm told that this will help me move on from my 2yr relationship that ended a month ago. I don't know where to meet women, and since lately I have felt very blue, I somehow need to get he confidence back to start flirting and approaching women.your thoughts?


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  • First step is to build your physical confidence. Outer image is a direct reflection of inner feelings. (It can be). If you don't already exercise, you need to start. Start running, pushups, weights (if you have any) and sit-ups and crunchies. Lose weight and tone your body and you WILL look more confident. You WILL feel more confident. Then, the mind games begin.

    You'll have new-found strength, more endorphins from exercising, and you can tackle getting over your 2 year relationship. The easiest way to do this is to go to public places, just walk around, see people, talk to people, engage in conversations. You don't have to date ANYONE, just make friends, or try to. Go to the mall, go to school if you have it, go to parks, go to bars, clubs, libraries, anywhere where people are. Amusement parks!

    Desensitization is seeing more of what you're afraid to see or gives you bad memories. If you can't face the 2 year relationship girl, then seeing other girls should do the trick.

    I really hope this helps you, it's helped me


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