Nice guys... let's talk about how people are viewing them now?

I've heard this same scenario countless times now via friends and Facebook. he's too nice, and is only looking to get one thing...

first off... my opinion: everybody that is interested in someone will be nice or emit some sort of pleasurable behavior to attract the other person. if a guy is nice to you and treats you good, why would you call him a creep for wanting to have sex? your not-so- nice males would do it without being beneficial to you. ladies and gentlemen let's talk like adults and spread points of view.

ladies do you experience this? share your stories.
men share yours as well


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  • Regardless if you're a nice guy or not, you can either try to find the love of your life through the niceness method which can take time and not always guarantee the woman will actually want to be your wife etc. Or you can adopt the not so nice attitude and try applying it to most women. All you really need is to know when to use the right one.


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