Ladies what signs do you show to prove that your into him?

time and time again I've had old frie nds come up to me and ask, "why did you never make a move at me? i laughed at all your jokes"
or some sign they consider to show interest.

To be real Im kind of a non chalant, neutral type. girls have told me playing with their hair or smiling was them showing intrest, and that baffles me. are women shy mostly? is there some unspoken rule on men that we just don't know about? why can't we just say these things?

ladies tell me what you do to show a guy your interested in him?


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  • Sometimes its hard to tell but with timw comes more experience to notice, I was personally horrible at telling when a woman was into me when I was younger, now I pick up on it almost immediately, kinda like instinct and it still surpuses me when I realize it sometimes.

    • you are lucky sir

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    • nice, question though... how was it dating a stripper? I passed one up because most of my friends went to that club.

    • I would have to suggest it at least once in life, defenitly an experience... just don't fall too hard. It's not the girls but the job itself that fucks people up. Drugs are everywhere and if you go in without a healthy amount of street smarts you'll learn quickly for the better or the worse. Just be careful and dont lose yourself.

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